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New Service:
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WEB Based Videoconference

The Greek Universities Network - GUNET offers the Greek Academic Community the Web-based Videoconference service. The service can connect up to ten (10) simultaneous users that can communicate with video, audio and live texting using a computer connected to the internet. Moreover, the videoconference participants can share their screen to the other remote participants.

The service appeals to the whole Greek Academic Community, including students, teaching staff, as well as technical and administrative staff of Higher Education Institutions. Any member of the Academic community can apply for the service, as long as they have a valid academic e-mail address. The person applying for the service is the coordinator of the videoconference and can invite other people to join the videoconference. Videoconference participants, except for the coordinator, do not need to have a Greek Academic e-mail address.

Sample Use Cases

  • imageA meeting with multiple people at multiple sites with a need to collaborate and perform screen sharing over the network.
  • A meeting to run simple video conferencing between a small number of people who need to discuss.
  • A meeting between the teacher and the students in order to answer questions or coordinate a group task.

Terms of Use: This service should be strictly used in the context of teaching and research academic activities. This is a pilot service which is fully automated and it is not technically supported in real time.

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