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1. Login


In order to login, type any username (for example your name) in this text box and press the login button next to it.

2. Status

In this area you can check the status of your connection.

img Not connected
img Connected
img Connection problem


3. Online Users


All users connected to the videoconference room appear in this list.

4. Participants

In this area, the participants' videos appear.

To connect to the videoconference, chose one of the available windows and click here:


Click “Allow” to grant the application access to your audio and video equipment.


Now, you can see your video in the window you have chosen. If you move the mouse cursor over the video, you can see the following options:



Close Video Window

img img Start / Stop sending video
img img Unmute/ Mute Microphone

Push-to-Talk Layout

On the Push-to-Talk Layout, there are 2 spots for video which can be used by up to two coordinators. All other participants, who join the videoconference, can see video and hear audio from the coordinators, can hear audio from all other participants and can talk whenever is needed.

If you want to start talking, you have to start pressing the Talk button (and keep it pressed while talking). At all times that you keep the Talk button pressed, you will notice that the bullet before your name in the Users list is green. If you want to stop talking, stop pressing the Talk button. In this case, the bullet before your name in the Users list will be gray.

5. Chat


Choose a color and type your message. Then press Send or Enter to send it.

6. Share Screen

Before you start sharing your screen, make sure that no other videoconference participant is sharing his/her screen. Every time, only one participant can share his/her screen.

In order to share your screen to the other videoconference participants, press the button Share Screen. A new window will open where you will be asked to confirm whether you want to continue or not. Press OK if you want to continue.


If you chose to continue, then a file will be automatically downloaded to your pc. You must chose to open this file (Open with) and Run it.

Note: No software installation is necessary in order to share your screen.


In the next step, a new window will open where you will be asked if you want to run the application file. Choose Run.

A new window with the name “Desktop Publisher” will open.


There are 3 buttons on this window, which work as described below.

Starts the screen sharing
stop_sharing Stops the screen sharing
exit_sharing Exits the screen sharing application

As soon as you press the Start Sharing button, a new window will open asking you to grant access to the screen sharing application through the operating system firewall. In order to use the application, you have to choose Allow access.


You know that you have started sharing your screen, when you see that the Start Sharing button is disabled and the Stop Sharing button is enabled.
The screen sharing application has one additional useful feature. You can choose to share a specific part of your screen. This can be useful in case you want to show a specific part of the screen with more details.

Caution: If you want use this feature, you have to enable it before you start sharing the screen.


Choose the position of the screen part you want to share, defining the distance X from the left side of the screen and the distance Y from the top side of the screen.
share_wh Choose the width and the height of the part of the screen you want to share.
arrow You can use the arrows to change the size of the screen part you are sharing and you can drag that   part with your mouse to wherever you want on the screen.

7. View Remote Screen

In order to see the remote screen that another videoconference participant is sharing, press the View remote screen button. A new window will open on top of the videoconference room. You can move this window or change his size by dragging its corners.


At the bottom of the window you can see a control bar that you can use to perform certain tasks.


play pause
Start / Stop playing
fullscreen no_fullscreen Enable /  Disable full screen mode

Audio Settings

Right Click anywhere on the application window and choose Settings.


Click on the Microphone icon:


Chose the microphone device which is connected and installed on your computer:


The colored bar indicates whether your microphone works.

To change the microphone volume, move the "Record Volume" pointer.


Video Settings

Right Click anywhere on the application window and choose Settings.


Click on the Camera icon.


Choose the camera device which is connected and installed on your computer. If you can see your video, then your camera works fine.



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